What Are Connor McGregor’s Chances To Win At UFC 205?

With the highly anticipated New York debut of MMA at UFC 205 tonight the top question on everyone’s minds is “Can McGregor do it again?” Most would have you believe that, no, he can’t. Many experts feel that the continuous jumps in weight classes, McGregor’s conditioning can possibly be at the point where it needs to be in order for him to be successful. Even if he does lose, it is impressive that he’s able to be so fluid so quickly between weight classes. That coupled with the daunting task of fighting the great Eddie Alvarez leave little room for any doubt that McGregor will lose.
However, if you look at McGgregor’s last fight versus Nate Diaz at UFC 202 you should be able to be convinced that he does in fact stand a good chance of victory. That fight was an absolute battle of wills and attrition which saw McGregor come out on top by the skin of his teeth. But, that is generally how those sorts of bouts are won – in extremely close battles of endurance. More importantly and less noticeably, it was McGregor’s extreme preparation and planning that realistically won him the fight. His super effective leg kick offense and even more effective take down defense completely turned the tables on Diaz to the point it won the fight.
Expect more of the same tonight: a mastermind game plan that catches the opposition by complete surprise. If he does come out of the main event with a win, McGregor will only be the third fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold two belts in two different weight classes. When asked of what he expected from the fight UFC fan and martial arts school owner Lee McCurrach said “We’ll have to wait and see but you know it’s going to be very entertaining.” Tune into UFC 205 from New York tonight at 10:00 pm EST on Pay-Per-View to catch all of the main card.