Irish Open Winning Kickboxing Teacher Helps Kids Live Better

A twenty five year old kickboxing teacher named Karen Bailey is using her skills to help kids grow up healthier. She has been kickboxing for fifteen years and has said that kickboxing “saved my life.” She has won medals in the 2013 World Championship, 2014 EU Championship and the 2015 Irish Open.
Since then she has been volunteering her time using kickboxing to get kids active in order to get them used to ditching the video game laden sedentary lifestyle many children tend to choose in 2016. However, the main purpose of her work is to educate children with eating disorders to get them back on a healthy diet routine. Add in exercise and you have the formula for health success.
Karen volunteers in the times she has off between her supply work and kickboxing herself. She works five days a week and trains kickboxing six days a week. But, she still finds time to volunteer with the children.
According to her peers she “goes above and beyond for those kids.” As a result of being so charitable with her time and efforts she has been nominated for the Nottingham Heroes Award 2016 which celebrate the achievements of remarkable people who make their community a better place. The 2016 winner will be announced and recognized at a ceremony in October in Nottingham.