Irish Kickboxer O’Donoghue Takes Home World Championship

Brian O’Donoghue has won WFM Kickboxing Championship which was held in Dubai this year. He is the first Irish winner in the history of the tournament. What’s most impressive is O’Donoghue’s age, at 36 he is also one of the oldest winner in the tournament’s history as well. He hails from Carlow and fights like it was well as he unleashed a fierce barrage of punches and kicks to take down the heavily favored Egyptian opponent in a majority decision.
O’Donoghue is no stranger to rough and tumble, pull out all the stops sorts of fights, which this most certainly was. He used to be a footballer for many years in his youth and spent the vast majority of his youth kickboxing. Today, he runs and owns The Fit Club in Carlow where he has close to a hundred students at the moment. Now he also has a WFM Kickboxing Championship to hang in his school as well.
This just adds fuel to the fire that is Irish Kickboxing in 2017. Earlier this month over two thousand people competed in the Irish Open – an all time high for the event.