A British girl is widely being considered the best junior kickboxer in the world now that she has lost only one fight out of twenty three in her incredibly young career, pun intended. The most impressive fact is that young Tiah Ayton is regularly fighting boys who are three years older than she is in order to get a fair fight during her training. The sky is the limit for Tiah and her nickname, the “girl on fire”, is a perfect indicator of that.
Tiah has been training for almost half her life – that’s only four years, so yeah, you could say she’s a natural. She’s three times European and World junior full contact kick boxing champion, and world open Muay Thai champ. Now, at only ten years old, she has her sights set on Olympic gold and a UFC title. Every week, she trains at least four days for well over an hour which might not sound like a lot but for a ten year old it is. She regularly trains and fights against competitors who are not only older but also weigh more. And by more were talking fifteen or twenty pounds normally.
Maybe the craziest thing about Tiah is she learned most of her technique from watching YouTube videos at home. She’s also never been knocked down in any of her fights either which is almost unheard of with the amount of bouts she’s had already. For now, she’ll split her time between being a fighter and being a kid with the hope she can put more time towards kickboxing once she graduates middle school in a couple of years. She is currently hyper focused on school as well as meeting her kickboxing goals of becoming the number one ranked junior kickboxer globally as well as Olympic gold and a UFC championship down the line of course.