Rebecca Mooney from the Northside of Dublin, Ireland has successfully held on to her European Taekwondo sparring title which took place in Bulgaria. This is big news, not just because it earned her a gold medal, but also because it has officially secured her spot in the World Championships which will be held in Ireland in October of this year. It was absolutely no picnic but she fought extremely hard and smart and came out on top once again.
One of the most impressive parts of her victory is the fact that she’s only seventeen years old at the moment so the sky is the limit for Mooney. It took her three extremely hard-fought fights for her to retain her title but she prevailed and did so while keeping her cool as well as controlling the pace of the bouts extremely well. The road to the title included a tough match against her Irish teammate Mikaella Moriarty and the title fight against a Polish fighter who gave her a real run for her money but Mooney prevailed and took home the gold through a decision in which all four umpires agreed upon. It is her third straight gold in this category, so, she is now three time defending champion which is a first for a fighter of her size.
She also took home a bronze medal for team sparring during the competition. Her teammates also took home a couple of medals as well. Mooney has returned to Ireland as European Number One for her particular division once again. She will focus on her finishing her school work for the year and a short vacation but after that she will soon start her preparations for the World Championships in October where, as we’ve said, the sky is now the limit for Mooney.