Tajamul Islam is a nine year old girl who has amazingly won the sub-junior World Kickboxing Championship in November. She is from Kashmir a region of turmoil which is currently held by India. After her latest victory, she now has her eyes on the world’s greatest kickboxing prize – the Olympics. She has only been kickboxing for two years – she just started training martial arts in 2014.
She picked up her first accolade, a gold medal, in a state kickboxing championship when she, at the age of eight, she defeated a thirteen year old competitor. She trains seven days a week for a total of about twenty five hours a week while still attending school on a regular basis. En route to her gold medal victory at the world championships she won six fights in five days.
She has since become a local celebrity and hero bringing hope to her politically divided homeland. At school, she is constantly at the top of her class and participates in after school activities as well even though she still trains kickboxing so frequently. She has said that when she gets older that she would like to become a doctor. She commented “I will first break my opponents bones and then treat them.”